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A very clever “Type Toy" – Toypography combining Chinese, English, Pictogram and even Japanese.



Found this “Kowloon City" (九龍城) Font photography at (currently offline)

This really reminds me those moment we look up in the sky when wandering in the Kowloon City (Hong Kong).


Fussy 這個態度很有趣,每個人心中 Fussy 的尺度也不一樣。我心中的 Fussy 是較 Subtle 內歛的,外表可能一點也看不出來,但只要仔細看清一點,便可看到這個人對生活那種與別不同的執著、挑剔、有要求的世界觀。

當初 Re-design 這個以 Fussy 為主題的女性社群網站時,第一樣要考慮的便是選擇一款恰當的字體。要選擇一款有 Fussy 性格的 Font 說易不易話難又唔難,如果你擁有一雙敏感(Sensitive)的眼睛及清楚自己想要些甚麼的話,你只欠一點時間與耐性。最後我選了以下兩款字體,一主一次,一款 Serif(俗稱有腳)一款 Sans Serif(無腳):

1. Centabel:


2. Aldo:


Centabel 的 Fussy 味主要散發自細微部份的「挑」與「剔」,適合用於 40 pt 以上的時候,Fussy 的感覺比 Aldo 強烈。40 pt 以下則適宜用無腳的 Aldo ,整體 Fussy 感源自那種輕輕的另類刻畫,但相對地字體放大時便欠缺了一點優雅。

ok i admit this might not related to typography, but i think its worth to watch:
Video: Yes, Design can Make you Happy
Higher resolution video

Via: 43 Folders

Very good interview with Erik Spiekermann (German Typographer and Designer) on the topic of personal life vs professional life. And his Blog too
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Interesting tee found on flickr
Where to buy

Via: Veer
Next time you have to explain kerning to a layman, you’ll have a live demo just a zip away.